6 Tips For Renting An Apartment

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What you pay for your apartment and how fancy it is depends on your negotiation and deal-finding skills. However, before you negotiate anything, you’ve got to decide what you’re looking for in your rented space. Read on for six steps to help you find an apartment for the lowest possible rental rate.

Seek Web Help in Picking Features

If you don’t know what features are available in your area, try exploring the websites of online apartment locator services. You can search for apartments based simply on whether you want a one- or two-bedroom apartment or by other features. It’s a great way to find out both what your pad will cost and what neighborhoods have the features you want.

Avoid Choosing a Home Based on Perceived Value

You can get a great deal on an apartment with vaulted ceilings and an island kitchen, but the neighborhood may not be what you’re looking for, or it’s missing other things that topped your list of desired features. Don’t make the mistake of renting an apartment because it seems like a good deal according to someone else’s needs but not a good deal based on your needs.

Call a Locator in Your Area

Look online or in a physical phone book for numbers for apartments in your area.
  • Call at least two and ask about which rental communities and neighborhoods have the most features that you want within your price range.
  • Ask about specials. You may be able to find an apartment that would normally go for $1,000 a month for $800 per month.
  • Because the locator will get a commission if you choose a property he or she recommends, make sure the locator calls ahead to see if the two to three properties you like have the best units available.

Always Call a Community Before Visiting

Before you visit a property, call before visiting to get a quote on prices. Once you are on the property, the leasing agent may hope to wow you with features, but on the phone it’s all about the numbers. Compare the figures you received from your locator with the number you gathered from online and local apartment locator services.

Tour Properties in Person

While virtual tours can be found on most apartment complexes’ websites, there’s no substitute for visiting a community in person. Websites will provide an idea of what the community and interior look like, and should be used as an initial screen. Walking around your potential new neighborhood and apartment will give you a better feel for the location, Also, don’t limit the search to one property; visit at least two, so that you have a comparison.

Reevaluate Your Feature List

During the very first step of the process of finding a fabulous new place to live that’s also easy on your wallet, you developed a list of what features that are important to you in and around your new home. You should have also decided what you are willing to pay for them. Now that you have at least a couple different properties to choose, see if you still hold the same values. Adjust your list accordingly as to what each feature is worth before doing your final comparisons of cost versus home value.


Once you know what you want and what it will cost, sit down and think about your choices in the following two ways:
  • Look at your actual budget. Consider whether one apartment would leave you with more money left over.
  • Evaluate an apartment’s worth based on the sum of values you haves assigned to the features from your list. Make sure the actual rent you pay is within reason for what you can afford.
Knowing you have an actual value for what’s important to you will enable you to make a decision on where you live based on your own needs instead of a community advertisement.

Tips to avoid overspending of monthly salary

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The status of employees in the society depends on the standard of living they are living which can be traced to the type of job, the house they are living and the way they presented their self to the society.

The attractive salary package offered by an organization shows the level of and its significant in the economy. As a result of this, taking banking as an example, banks offered the most attractive salary for their employees which make some of them show off luxury life in all aspect of their lives. Starting from the apartment they live, their rides, wears and others.
Although some employees were hugely paid, while some are not and still yet, they spend almost all their salary on unnecessary items.

This post will show you how to be rational in spending of your monthly salary. At the end of this article you will get to uncover the tips to avoid overspending

  • ·        BUDGETING
  • ·        MISCELLANEOUS


This is the habit of is income not spent, or deferred consumption. Methods of saving include putting money aside in, for example, a deposit account, a pension account, an investment fund, or as cash. Saving also involves reducing expenditures, such as recurring costs. In terms of personal finance, saving generally specifies low-risk preservation of money, as in a deposit account, versus investment, wherein risk is a lot higher; in economics more broadly, it refers to any income not used for immediate consumption. An employee with improve savings habit will help reduce overspending and have more fallback than others.


budget is a financial plan for a defined period (monthly), or often one year. It may also include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows. Companies, governments, families and other organizations use it to express strategic plans of activities or events in measurable terms.
A budget is the sum of money allocated for a particular purpose and the summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them

A stressed up person will want to get some refreshments or need something to cool down or re – regulate the body system. Miscellaneous can be inform of refreshments like ice cold water, cloth, milk, tea or others as such. A rationale employee should be able to control him/her in spending too much on this.


Opportunity cost, also known as alternative cost, is the value (not a benefit) of a choice, relative to an alternative. When an item is chosen from two mutually exclusive alternatives, the opportunity cost is the “cost” incurred by not enjoying the benefit associated with the alternative choice.
 The New Oxford American Dictionary defines it as “the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.” Opportunity cost is a key concept in economics, and has been described as expressing “the basic relationship between scarcity and choice.”
Example: an employee who is in need of varieties of items get confuses on which item should purchase with a limited resources of ($25).
Opportunity cost says “Choose the items of the most important based on the limited resources”. A rationale employee should be able to list his wants and decide on which one to attend to with the resources.

Investment cycle

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Investment may be identify on the basis of the performance in the industry referred to as demonstration effect. For instance, an investor may invest in a company or project because of the huge profit according to the industry.

Investment cycle
Investment Cycle

8 Stages to investment

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The decision to embark on an investment extends beyond determining the profitability or otherwise of an investment, for example; an investment that is poorly provided or badly implemented may render and erstwhile investment proposal and exercise in futility because seen proposal may eventually turn out to out rightly unprofitable or manage to break-even. Investment can be in the form of capital assets or rural assets.
Investment planning should not only consider an exhaustive investment appraisal but take a panoramic or systemic view of proposals from the conception of the idea to its implementation even beyond to an ex-post evaluation leading to a follow-up action on such investment proposal.
A comprehensive investment decision process could therefore be seen in the form of investment cycle.

  •     Investment identification and definition

A prospective investor will have to define where his areas of interest lie. For example, an investor must decide whether he is interested in investing in financial assts or real estate investment. He may further need to identify the industry/sector of his interest or that suits his investment objective.
The following indicators may serves as a guide to identifying profitable investment.
o   The data of imports, export and domestic consumption of an article serves as a pointer to the profitability or otherwise of an investment proposal / project. Base upon this figure, an operator will be able to decide on project whose supply is not in excess or product with high level of market demand.
o   A project can also be identified by making use of the input – output model. This model will indicate the input/out that crosses from one industry to the other. This relationship will help to determine the level of investment required to supplement imports. It will also indicate if demand can be expanded and hence the need to embark on new project.
o   A project can be initiated on the basis of identification of raw materials i.e, where there is abundant of raw materials, it may be profitable to embark upon project that make use of these raw materials.

·         Investment formulation, preparation and feasibility analysis

This is the investment simulation stage. It considers theoretical worthiness of the project, then the preparation and feasibility stage which seeks inter alia to find out the degree of feasibility of the investment. This is done by carrying out a feasibility study which collect and analyze data or statement about the project.

·        Project design

This stage sets to ensure that investment is adequately designed to meet the objective of the investor and the demand of the environment. For example, with respect to real investment, if a project is to located in area without water supply, the operator must improvise.

·         Investment appraisal

This is a details investment evaluation stage, during which the worthwhuileness of a project is determined.
The evaluation will inter alia seek to achieve the following;
o   Analyze the market demand to determine the level of demand
o   Collect and analyzed data on the cost structure of the investment
o   Analyze the profitability of the project
o   Identification of sources of raw materials
o   Analyze the manpower (skilled and unskilled) need of the project and its availability or otherwise within the economy

·         Project selection, negotiation financing and approval

Project selection involves making choice out of alternatives. This decision is facilitated through the investment appraisal procedure which must have estimated the profitability and degree of worthwilness of the projects for easy comparison and final choice. The acceptability of a project will therefore require negotiation for supply of machinery and other inputs. It also require making adequate arrangement for its financing operation and installation.
After this stage, the proposal is expected to be presented to the government or board (incase of a company) for evaluation and final approval

·         Monitoring, supervision and control implementation

This stage involves appointment of experts to implement the project (activation). It also includes the formulation of an organization to implement the project by negotiating with suppliers, agents(eg brokers), engineers, etc

·         Supervision, Monitoring and control stage

This stage is very important as it aims at ensuring that the  project is properly completed on time in order to avoid escalation of the project cost which has often been the major cause of projects abandonment or in the case of financial investment to ensure that the investment meet the aspiration of the investor.
Conclusion:   Taking the above steps into consideration, an investor should be conversant or follow those stages in investing on a project.

Olymp trade the international best paying stock exchange

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OlympTrade is an international online trading platform that has offered its services since 2014. The “Olymp Trade” brand belongs to Smartex International Ltd., which is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company has 20 mln. customers worldwide and seeks to make Forex…
Olymp Trade appeared on the options market in 2014. Since then we have continuously created the new and improved the old, so that your trading on the platform is seamless and lucrative. And that’s just the beginning.
“We don’t just give traders a chance to earn, but we also teach them how. Our team has world-class analysts. They develop original trading strategies and teach traders how to use them intelligently in open webinars, and they consult one-on-one with traders”
Traders’ funds are available for withdrawal any time. From one year to the next we’re increasing our payout speed and improving our trading education. As a result, more and more people are prospering with us.
The amount of payouts is increasing an average of 7%each month.
                                                    $ 7 969 557       
was paid out in the last month

Users per day

Our users are constantly growing in number. From now on every student or retiree, freelance artist or entrepreneur can be a trader. Trading is no longer the pursuit of “insiders”; it has become a fascinating and lucrative hobby. 202 683 users made trades on a live account in the last month

20 000+

users are trading every day.

Trades per month

There are more than more professionals among our trades, trading in the most diverse assets in long- and short-term trades, testing new strategies and applying the knowledge they gained in consultations and webinars.
$ 4.7 is the size of the average trade in the last month

31 816 248

trades were closed in the last month



Trading volume

We’re literally ramping up every day, becoming a bigger and bigger company.

$ 148 071 562

in turnover in the last month

Guarantees / Trust

Olymp Trade is a category a broker of the international Financial Commission. Membership in the Financial Commission is an honor granted only to reliable, honest companies that have repeatedly demonstrated the high quality of their services.

“up to € 20 000 indemnification amount”

Our awards

“We are steadily growing and improving; we believe that another award is no reason to slack off.”

Olymp Trade is a reliable broker, a member of the Financial Commission of A category. This is proof of the high quality of our services and guarantees each trader deposit insurance, comprehensive support and prompt resolution of all issues.
International Financial Commission
On February 22, 2016: Olymp Trade joined the international Financial Commission. Membership in FinaCom is the honor granted only to reliable and honest companies that have repeatedly demonstrated the high quality of their services.      
Up to €20,000 from the Compensation Fund if you are a victim of broker fraud.
Legal assistance
Assistance in resolving your issue.
Full access
Free trading tutorials and information for every Financial Commission participant.

Is OlympTrade a Scam?

Acourding to That Sucks (2016), Olymp Trade became a member of the FinaCom, which has the role of providing “its customers with a neutral 3rd party mediator to help resolve complaints in cases of disputes where customers are unable to come to an agreement with their broker.”
The question is whether these third-party regulators can really provide OlympTrade’s clients with a safety similar to what CySEC can? I really doubt it, but that doesn’t mean that OlympTrade is a scam. However, caution is recommended as always in the trading business.
What earners are saying about Olymp trading platform


Olymp Trade is a new dawn on the market of binary options. This broker have created a company that meets the highest requirements of clients. In Olymp Trade all the stages of trading are as simple as possible, and the entry threshold is lowered to a record sum — 10 dollars. This is an important step that allows even beginners to start opening trades immediately and get their first profit. The main target of Olymp Trade is to make a significant contribution to the binary options market around the world, so they have started putting these ideas into practice from the very first day.

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5 more ways to make pink lips

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Ways to make pink lips  – 5 home remedies explained

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Making pink lips naturally makes your lips soft and changes your look although pink lips is a measuring value of people’s beauty but it shows people how much you take care of yourself and present yourself to people.

Who needs a lip gloss or lipstick when you have ways to naturally make pink lips?

A lip gloss or lipstick 💄 make lips sticky and may be irritating to others.  People do address others the they are presented by themselves. Naturally pink lip remove dead skin on your lip and bring out the bright colors out of your and make it soften

Darkened and chapped lips can affect your appearance and show a lack of proper lip care. Is that so?

Darkened lips are caused by with various reasons like smoking, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, excessive caffeine intake and reaction cause lips discoloration.

Naturally you get your color twisted to pink with any of the following home remedies alongside with lip care tips with 0.00% side effects.

Best Natural Home Remedies for Pink Lips according to their performance.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best home remedies for pink lips rich in acid that help to lighten dark patches and spots.

It is acidic in nature which makes it become one of the bleaching materials and also help to lighten darkness caused by excessive sun exposure and helps in wiping some dead skin and give glowing pink color to the lips.

Simple Practice

Cut the lemon 🍋 into two [1] Extract the juice by squeezing a part into a cup [2] Get a soft brush or a cotton wool to apply it on the part of the lips you want to remove dead skin and make the juice penetrate faster[3] Do this before going to bed all night and wash it off with either warm or cold water 💧 the next morning.

The lemon 🍋 juice might be too sharp for you.

Dilute the juice with some sugar and do as prescribed [above] and it keep the lips 💋 moist and reduce darkness.

Best Result: Pinky lips color.

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Cucumber Juice

Another powerful home remedy for pink lips is the cucumber juice rich in vitamins and minerals.
Cucumber promote cell regeneration and promote the growth of new cells which gives a pink appearance to the lips. The natural amazing features of cucumber fruit is that it is a good material that help use in lightening darkened spots.

Simple Practice

Slice the fruit in to smaller pieces [1] Grab a  piece and apply it by rubbing the face directly on your lips[2] Wait then wash your lips with water[3] Apply it twice a day and wait for the effective results in less that a week.

Best Result: Cool Pink lip color.

Pomegranate and Milk Scrub

Pomegranate seeds mixed with milk make a mild, effective, cool exfoliating scrub that helps to remove the layer of dead skin cells from the lips in a gentle manner.

The secret behind this milk this is the power of exfoliating included as it is rich Vitamin D that helps to fade dark spots and patches on the lips.

Simple Practice

Get some dried pomegranate seeds and crush or grind it to achieve powder form [1] Get two tea spoon out of it [2] Add this powder to 1 teaspoon of milk or milk cream [3] Stear there material properly to ensure no one could identity both to form paste-like[4] Use the to rub the material on the the lips [5] Wait for some minutes to allow it properly dry[6] Wash it off with warm water. Repeat this procedure once every day for best results.

Honey and Sugar Scrub

The combination of honey and sugar is an effective dark lips treatment that shows prompt results.

Honey is known for its natural ingredient [humectant] property that helps to retain moisture in the lips and keep it hydrated. Sugar granules act as a mild scrub that helps to get rid of the dry skin and layer of dead cells that form on the lips.

Best Practice

Take a tea s poon of honey in a glasscup[1] Add a teaspoon of granulated sugar[2] Mix both the ingredients to form a thick paste-like[3] Apply the paste to your lips with your finger[4] Allow the paste to dry as it penetrate to the layer of the skin[5] Wash it off your with warm water.
Repeatedly with process for some days to get the desired result.

Best Result: Dark Black Lips

Turmeric Powder and Milk for Lip Care

When it comes to lightening skin tone, there is no other natural remedy like turmeric. The combination of turmeric and milk is one of the age old remedies for pink lips. Turmeric helps to lighten skin pigmentation and dark spots on and around the lips. Lactic acid in milk works as a natural exfoliator that helps to break down the layer of dead skin cells and reveal the bright pink color of the lips.

Best Practice

Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass cup[1] Add 1 teaspoon of milk[2] Mix well to form a thick smooth paste[3] Apply it to your lips softly with the finger[4] Allow it to dry properly before washing away.
Repeat the process once a day for effective result.

To Recall

Natural fruits in need

– Lemon juice
– Cucumber juice
– Pomegranate and Milk Scrub
– Honey and milk
-Turmeric plus milk

Materials in need
– Class cup
– Soft brush
– Tea Spoon
– Knife 🔪
– Small turning stick
– Water 💧 warm or cold

Pink lips is not the measure of how beautiful you are but it let the world know how much you tush up your body and how you take of yourself.

With no side effects, your lips gradually turn pink as desired in less than a week naturally.

Ingredients needed for success in business

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Ingredients needed for success in business

Every business has the same goals, vision, objective and aims of succeeding and attaining the main reason of setting up a profit oriented business.

Business often fail as a result of poor management,  a business that operates on liazez_faire management (a manager who care about his surboudinates) will find it difficult to attain his aim and objectives.

Core ingredient

Just like a fried rice prepared by your house wife which lack some important ingredients like curry,  carrots, green beans. A business lack the following important ingredients will find it uneasy to succeed and close down in no time.

MARKETING – this is bringing to the awareness the public about a new product or service or an existing on to boost it moral. Business might be inform of online [NNU,  Forex trading,  blogging.. ] or local or offline business. Web advert or online marketing is now the most fastest way to get cross to million of people in this day generation. Facebook advertising and Google AdWords are the most reliable web advert to give millions of patronage.  I have compiled here ways to promote business locally to reach target audience.

CONSUMER PROTECTION – Consumers are also the core ingredient to succeed in business. Business life span depends on its consumer as they determine which product to buy,  which service to call for,  it’s quality and many more.
A business without or less patronage will find it difficult to succeed in the life.

Consider a product or business without people patronizing will never have a better future, hence consumer should be well treated so far  business is concerned.

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Do business often fold up?

Here comes a question asked by a user on Quora forum. Click to read best answers from geneious.

I will answer the question to be YES. business often run into loss and fold up in no time if some of the below aspects are not put into consideration.

Needs for success in business.

– Efficiency
– Knowledge 
– Skills
– Organization
– Happiness 
– Stress
– Customer relations 
– Customer demands
– Recruitment 


This is the most vital aspect a business that wants to succeed should conversant of. Working productively avoiding waste in resources. Resources might be inform of money, material, time,  effort, skill and so on. A business may fold up in no time if this aspect is not take car of.


Understanding the certain phenomenon information or awareness gained through experience or education. Having enough knowledge and understanding in the business is also important in the success of a business.


Skill, knowledge and experience goes hand – in – hand. This is the ability of making use of knowledge effectively.


Employees must be well organized to ensure effective work force. Workers with settled minded only carry out their work with no problems.


The workforce must always made happy with good and attractive salary,  packages, miscellaneous and good working conditions, understandable system of work, clear organization structure. Employees especially in the production department should be made happy always to enhance productivity.


The working environment must not be stressful for the workers. A single piece of pressure on employees might distract their attention which may drive down productivity.

Customers relation

Customers are the king 👑 that’s why they’re one of the core elements of business. A good business will take this aspect so serious by allowing the customers to comment their thought on the product or service consumed which will surely improve their quality.


The manager of a business needs to employ strong experienced workers, management team and support to their decision.

Customers demand 

Customers are the determinant of the future of a business if their demands could be met they will be more eager to patronize the business and hence determined the success of the business. Customer demand should be adequately take care of; it is good to meet customers needs, challenges, and wants.

In a nutshell;

Every stories behind a successful business is their customers and the good quality products and services. Good managerial skills is also one of the vital aspect a business should be conversant of.

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Professional careers in Banking industry

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Professional careers in Banking industry

It is often assumed that a graduate in banking and financing discipline  has the ultimate goal of working in the bank but this is not far from the truth; the banking Hall is not the only place for a banker to work.

Banking has become an attractive careers for lot of people who have not traditionally consider the field.

A recent survey on the Labour Market had shown that banking industry had increasingly becoming highly employers of 65% of the Labour force and most graduates either from banking or other disciplines are desirous to work in the bank.

This is mainly because of some reasons one might absolutely thought of.

People want to work in the back because;

– the attractive earning at the end of the month. Research had told us that bankers do earn at least 2500 – 3000Ng per day which might escalated to 90,000Ng in a month.

– Miscellaneous Packages  – this may include housing allowance, transport allowance, feeding or it might come by giving their workers official cars,  official houses which a certain percentage will deducted from their monthly salary.

– Others include high cost of living,  dressing and appearance, conducive working place an so on.

Since all bankers can not work in a bank; there are other job opportunities opening to a banker can work.

Other places to work in the banking industry include;

Bureau De’ Change

This is a non – bank financial institution that is licensed to participate in the foreign exchange in 1986 as buyers and sellers cannot participate in foreign exchange bidding. A banker can work as a bureau de changer or manage the firm.

Finance Houses

Their main functions is to provide loan to the business or individuals and also specializes in assets acquisition and collection of business accounts. Bankers here should be conversant and have a sound knowledge in Finance.

Stock Brooking firm

Firms deals in securities by acting a an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Stock Brooking firms do not employ people unless those who are with a certificate in stock brooking professional examination.

Auditing Firms

This is a company who prepare business, organization, banks, schools accounting books. They help in preparation of account either the business is a lucrative business or the profits and loss of the business. Bankers who wants to work here should hold a certificate in cibn and other accounting professional courses.

Investment Analysis

A banker can also work as investment analyst,  consultant, advisor to individuals and cooperate bodies. This could be with regards to setting objectives, financial planning and privatization of public enterprise.

Portfolio management

This involves the selection, retention and disposal of certain securities and stock in a portfolio so as to achieve a return commensurate with the risk of the investors.

Banking profession is one of the most attractive job people ever wished for. Working in the banking hall should not stick to a banker’s agenda as it might not happen to be as expected. Do explore other opportunities in the industry. The above points will guide you choosing wisely, a place to work other than the banking Hall.

NB: Women are not encourage to be a  banker because they had less family Caring, high cost of sexual harassment, Caring pregnancy or baby to the banking Hall might not be allowed.

Dent – Earn Send Data Top – ups for free

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Dent – Earn Send Data Top – ups for free

DENT Wireless releases Android version of the highly-rated Mobile Data App

Download the App from play store and get 30 DENT free

Anyone who wants to liberate mobile data and airtime needs a decentralized and non-monopolistic technology. The Ethereum blockchain is giving us a robust transaction platform as a foundation for the DENT marketplace. The smart contracts provide a trustworthy way of defining top-ups and the process of buying and selling them. Decentralized. User-driven. Transparent.

The initial target markets for the DENT apps are USA and Mexico, Nigeria, Morocco, India, and others. DENT is providing an easy way to send data top-ups to any AT&T and Verizon customer in the USA and for any Movistar and Telcel customers in Mexico.

DENT mobile apps are among the very first consumer products to leverage Blockchain technology. We have succeeded in using a cryptocurrency (DENT) in a way that the users do not even notice using one.

DENT liberates data and airtime…

Today mobile data and airtime are among the most desired commodities, but access is controlled by only a few companies in each country. Unused data or credit expires every month which means billions of dollars of profit for the operators — at the cost of the users. DENT aims to liberate the usage of mobile data, driven by the DENT Marketplace using Blockchain technology.

Sign up now and free 200+

Download the DENT App from the Apple App Store or Google Play and sign up for free by using your mobile number.

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Just select a contact from your address book to send your first data or airtime package or buy more DENTs for larger top-ups.

Are you ready for DENT?

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Mobile data and airtime is going to change. Are you ready for the revolution?

Dent developers had made three options available for uses to earn more dents which will later on be converted to data

Earn Dents in different ways

> Be part of DENT and join the community to earn 200+ dents!

Invite your friend to earn more dents. Refer a Friend to join dent community : you earn more dents by referring your friend to be part in the dent community.

Tap the invite button on the home screen to sent a registration link to your phone or whatapp contact to claim your dents immediately they download the Dent app

Earn more dents by purchasing or adding through gift cards codes or credit cards. This option will be useful if you are a data dealler, a person who sell data top ups.
Send or transfer data to your contact address book. See the list if the supported county and net work below

Send mobile data top-up and earn free data with the DENT App. Get mobile data recharge for smartphones. The DENT App allows you to top-up someone else’s or your own phone, no matter where in the world you are. More countries will be launched in 2018/2019.

We are supporting following operators right now…

USA, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arabic Emirates and more are coming every month!

– AT&T (postpaid only)
– Verizon (postpaid only)


– Telcel
– Movistar

– Oi


– Tigo


– Airtel
– Banglalink
– Grameenphone
– Robi

South Africa:

– Vodacom
– CellC

United Arab Emirates:

– Du

Nigeria & Morocco just launched!

“”Using the DENT App you can recharge your own phone or a loved-ones from anywhere in the world. Simply choose a contact, select a top-up data amount and let’s go. It really is that easy.

Our app allows you to safely buy DENTs with PayPal to make the topping as quick as possible. If you don’t want to pay for more mobile data you can easily earn free data by installing a new app, watch a promotion video or participate on contests.

Join the DENT community and be part of the mobile revolution!

We will roll out more features and add more countries in the upcoming months.””

Historical insights and origin of US stock market

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The development and the historical stages of the US stock maket

The Great American Institution that is the US Stock Market has had a tumultuous 100+ year journey. Let us examine the origins and the earlier times that this market, which affects the entire world’s economy, has seen over the last two centuries.

The beginning: America’s very first stock exchange is actually the Philadelphia exchange founded in 1790. In early 1817, when NYC’s merchants realized that their exchange was declining, they sent an observer to the thriving Philadelphia exchange. Upon his return, they formally organized the New York Stock and Exchange Board on March 8th, 1817 at 40, Wall Street. It was an exclusive organization which required new members to be voted in and which allowed candidates to be black-balled by 3 downvotes. Prices of seats in the exchange increased from $25 in 1817 to $100 in 1827 and $400 in 1848.
The 1900s: Huge fortunes were made on Wall Street in the early 1900s. The first panic came in 1907 when $800 million in securities were unloaded within a span of months. Consequently, stocks plummeted, the Knickerbocker Trust Company folded, and ultimately, JP Morgan and other leading NY bankers set up a single banking trust.

The ‘Black Tuesday’ crash of October 29th, 1929 brought more panic and loss, since stock prices were 400% higher than they had been 5 years earlier. The stocks fell 49 points, the market fell 31 points and investors and brokers even committed suicide, with the fallout lasting till early 1941. As a result of this, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was formed in 1934 in an attempt to restore faith in the equity markets. Later on, NASDAQ was formed in 1971.
Today, the NYSE is the 800-pound-gorilla, the world’s biggest and most powerful stock exchange with a market capitalization larger than NASDAQ, London and Tokyo combined!

The origins

1600s: Dutch settlers and early merchants in NYC built a wall to protect themselves from pirates, the Indians, etc., which went on to become a bustling commercial thoroughfare later named Wall Street.

March 1792, Corre’s Hotel, NYC : 24 of the city’s leading traders met in secret to discuss methods to wrest the securities business from the auctioneers, their competition, and bring order.

May 17th, 1792 : They signed a ‘Buttonwood Agreement’ (named after the Buttonwood tree, their traditional meeting place), which called for the signers to not participate in other auctions of securities, set trading fees and trade securities only among themselves. This went on to become what we know as the NYSE.

Research from geniesearch and some other platforms like Forbes, magazines, news papers, has made us with this Little buh sparking history of the United States stock market development which has now turn to the best market today.